Sunday, September 16, 2018

Continuation to iPhone launch review

Follow up to the review of recently concluded iPhone launch event, I was little bit skeptical about the lineup apple has launched this year. The prices for iPhone Xs seem to be too high for a phone and apple being accused of throttling older phones, the current generation phones would be obsolete the very next year. Apple should have handled battery throttling issue differently altogether, as older iPhone users like me felt that the reliability of iPhone has gone for a toss and it's a waste of money to invest on such unworthy phone. Now back to the launch event, it’s unreasonable to price iPhone Xs at higher end and expecting people to buy the phone. As there was one more iPhone launched in this event named “iPhone XR” and few differentiators for this phone would be LCD display and single focus camera. Most reasonable people and user who were on tight budget would definitely opt for iPhone XR as the option made more sense than the other phones because it runs on same A12 bionic processor as other high-end phones. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

Monday, September 10, 2018

13. Confusion between iPhone and Android

I own an iPhone 6 and been using it for more than 3+ years, I cannot commit entirely that I have been satisfied with device nor dissatisfied with the device. My phone was eligible for battery replacement and got replaced under Apple’s battery replacement program. Post battery replacement, I didn’t have enough reasons to buy upgraded smartphone, as only issue I had with my phone was the battery and it works like a charm now. However, the most important and complicated issue is all about performance of old phones. I think I can compromise on the performance of the phone as it hardly makes a difference of only about few seconds and again I can wait for few seconds to open the application, rather than spending few thousand on new phone and paying up the EMI’s. At times, I was really been intrigued by my friends and colleagues about affordable Android phones performing lot better. But the only issue I have is all about those affordable android phones was the reliability and longevity. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

Monday, August 13, 2018

Another worst day for India’s cricket

Post getting dismissed for a very low score in the rain hit day, I was hopeful of India’s fightback in the bowling department in the 3rd day. But to my disappointment, India’s bowling was again humiliated by the English batsmen. I don’t understand how English batsmen were able to score runs at ease and India’s batsmen looked like they were batting on the dynamite pitch. Most cricket experts and old players convey that England had the best possible conditions and while India were batting, the conditions favored their bowlers. One of the cricket experts whom I follow on twitter even conveyed that if India batted for few more overs without losing wickets, they would have got best possible conditions for their batsmen. I completely agree on the comment or views, as why can’t the Indian batsmen been able to play conscious shots for few overs and keep their concentration on the game. However, whatever may be the suggestion or views about the game, now I am just hoping India’s batsmen put up a good fight and were able to at least save the game by the draw or at any rate make England to bat for the second innings. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Experience in new Company

After joining the new company and proving myself on the multiple projects that have been assigned, another major overhaul was waiting for me - that is Marriage. My marriage was scheduled within few months after joining the new company and I had to work even more harder than before to prove myself in the team. Finally my marriage got over and rejoined the team/company after a short break. Post this, I have been assigned tough tasks, which needed high skills and precision to the core. I was able to tackle all new issues and be comfortable on all the difficult projects, which were assigned to me. Now, all my work at new company seems to be going good, suddenly there was a huge hiccup my colleague who joined along with me has decided to call it Quits and moved to new team for high recognition and learning. I felt completely disastrous and thought I had hit roadblock again in the team. However, I was still hopeful that I would be recognised to some extent in my current team and would be rated in moderate level. Check out “G R Team Sites” for Continuation.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Get quality Car Tires

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