Friday, May 15, 2015

About Crab Walking

It's easy for people to move their legs forward or backward. That's because of the way they're attached to the body. People's knees bend towards the front, and that also makes it easy to walk forward. But a crab's legs are attached to the sides of its body. And its joints, unlike our knees, bend so that the crab can walk sideways. That's why crabs walk the way they do. an we do it? Crabs have five legs on each side of their shell. The front pair are for grasping, and remaining four pairs are walking or swimming. Each leg has seven joints, arranged so that the crab walks sideways. Frog crabs and spider crabs however, have legs designed to enable them to walk forward.

Know Marital Arts

Martial arts is an omnibus term used to designate many different styles of weaponless fighting as well as systems of armed fighting. As the term is now used, it refers only to those fighting styles which developed in Asian countries. It would be more accurate to include among the martial arts the skills which were originally used for combat regardless of the country or region in which they were developed. Fencing, wrestling, boxing and archery are martial arts in exactly the same sense that judo, kendo, karate, aikido and kung fu are martial arts.

Have Positive Attitude

Life gives you only what you want and the reason for all that you are going through in life are purely because you are attracted to it. I say this out of my own experience that whatever I wished for came to me as a gift from nature. This happened because I was attracted to it. At the same time I would say that all the bad things that have happened to me is again because I was attracted to it. Whenever you want to get something you should always think about the positive side of attaining it. Only then you get attracted to the positive side of it and nature gifts it to you. At the same time if you think negatively about something, you tend to get attracted to the negative side of what you want which is what ultimately you get back and things go the wrong way. For instance if you wish to get an apple nature guides you through all ways in order to get an apple but if you happen to think that it is difficult for you to get an apple, then you are attracted to not getting an apple more than wishing for one. This way life takes you through all ways which will prevent you from getting one. So remember to always have a positive approach towards life because the key word to attaining all that you wish is ATTRACTION.

Kngfisher Calendar 2009

It’s that time of the year when beauty is all set to adorn your walls. Shot in exotic locales, the kingfisher calendar 2009 promises to scorch and soothe the senses for the next 12 months. This edition has been shot in the six senses hideaway resort at Koi Samui and Yao Noi.Six models from across the globe are featured in the calendar. The models sport swimwear from some of the highest brands in the world such as Alberta Ferretti, Jean Paul and Diane von Furstenberg, with accessories from Lanvin, watches by Hamilton, eyewear by Fendi, and photographic equipment by Canon. Only a select few in the 56+’kingfisher countries’ across the world‘ll receive a copy of this much sought after calendar from the desk of the chairman of the UB group, Vijay Mallya. This year the accent was on simplicity and working with natural elements and that the images be sensual yet understated. The images this year have been photographed for a layout that has two images per page. The globally acclaimed multi-award winning limited edition Kingfisher Calendar 2009 has been shot by ace photographer Atul Kasbekar