Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Create The Perfect Walk-In Closet For Your Home

If you’ve got a large wardrobe and need room for dressing, trying on new clothes, and experimenting with your look than chances are you’ve always dreamed of having a walk-in closet! Chances are if you’ve dreamt of having a walk-in closet you’ve always thought that it would be just that, a dream. Restructuring your home to include a walk-in closet might be easier than you had previously imagined. Keep in mind a few key things and building your own walk-in closet could become a reality.

One of the first things to keep in mind when building this new addition to your home is location. Some people prefer to have their new closet closer to the bathroom in a master suite others prefer to place theirs off the bedroom instead of the bathroom. Take a minute to weigh the options as both of them offer pros and cons. You can also position the closet between the bedroom and bathroom so it’s a central fixture of your master bedroom. This is a great option for many homeowners!
Next think about the kinds of items that are going into the closet. This will determine the basics of how the construction should begin. If you have more clothes to hang than shoes to put up you’ll want more bars than shelves. If you’re looking to expand your shoe collection look no further than Famous Footwear! They’ve got incredibly great prices on must have styles for the whole family. Fill up your new walk-in closet with these fabulous styles from Famous Footwear. Once you’ve expanded on your shoe collection building a closet around them is the next step. Fill it up with shelves so you have more room for your shoes! That doesn’t mean that you should forget to install some bars, having bars for hanging special occasion dresses, your favorite sweaters, and anything you want to keep free of wrinkles is essential to creating the perfect walk-in closet.
Adding mirrors, storage options, hooks, and special shoe displays is a great way to take your walk-in closet to the next level. Keep these helpful hints in mind when creating your walk-in closet and it’ll be awesome!