Saturday, November 13, 2021

Storage partition & limit option availability in OneDrive

OneDrive have become my preferred online cloud storage option and I have started to upload all my important work files to OneDrive. It has been few months since I have started to use OneDrive as my preferred cloud storage option and started to use work files directly from OneDrive folder integration into MAC operating system. However, there are few constraints that I have encountered while I was using OneDrive and following are my concerns. 
  • Limit storage in each folder: Since OneDrive provides vast storage option of 1TB for each user in the family, it has become difficult to keep a check on storage that is being used by each folder and should include option to limit storage to certain levels for specific folder, so that the folder can be cleaned up from unwanted files or remove unnecessary backups.
  • Storage Partition between system files and Photo’s backup: OneDrive has been primary backup solution for all my needs, including important work files and to back-up all my photos taken on my iPhone. However, there is no option to partition the folder structure within OneDrive to separate the files that is being uploaded into work files and exclude the personal photos getting merged into work file history. 
Microsoft should enable few options or features for the users to have their files better organized into OneDrive and for more such suggestions, feel free to check out the articles published in “G R Team Sites”