Friday, March 13, 2020

Working tirelessly for the second consecutive day to complete

Based on my discussion with the offshore delivery lead, we have concluded that we will go ahead with whatever storyline we have initially drafted and send the updated document to the on-site team for further review since we do not have any updates for the document, which was sent earlier. Again, the delivery person and I were working hard throughout the day, as both of us have vacation plans coming up and wanted to close this service request as early as possible. However, we were anxious about our thought process, whether the changes we were making were relevant or matching the client detailed requirements. Finally, by close of the day after so much of hard work and tireless discussion, we were able to complete the document. Post completion, I called the offshore delivery lead and was discussing the changes made today and how the entire document was structured, suddenly out of nowhere the delivery lead was checking whether we covered all client requests. I was taken aback by this comment, as we were working tirelessly for the past two days and I was sure about how I have envisioned structure for the client requirements. To know more about our decision, please feel free to checkout “G R Team Sites”