Sunday, August 5, 2018

Experience in new Company

After joining the new company and proving myself on the multiple projects that have been assigned, another major overhaul was waiting for me - that is Marriage. My marriage was scheduled within few months after joining the new company and I had to work even more harder than before to prove myself in the team. Finally my marriage got over and rejoined the team/company after a short break. Post this, I have been assigned tough tasks, which needed high skills and precision to the core. I was able to tackle all new issues and be comfortable on all the difficult projects, which were assigned to me. Now, all my work at new company seems to be going good, suddenly there was a huge hiccup my colleague who joined along with me has decided to call it Quits and moved to new team for high recognition and learning. I felt completely disastrous and thought I had hit roadblock again in the team. However, I was still hopeful that I would be recognised to some extent in my current team and would be rated in moderate level. Check out “G R Team Sites” for Continuation.

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