Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sweet Dreams

One night,I was alone at home for my parents and sister had gone out for a party.It was nearly midnight and I had been watching TV when the lights went off.I decided I might as well go to bed, and groped my way in the dark to my bedroom.Sometime later something woke me up.I was startled to see a black snake in my bed.Luckily the lights came on just then.I started laughing when I realised that the 'snake' was simply a big coil of rope!I related this incident to my family when they came home and they too had a good laugh over it. The skin jumps opposite the impersonal convenience.

Visit to Mysore

On a visit to Mysore, my friends and I were playing 'hide and seek' in the paddy fields.But while playing, we saw some paddy fields burning.I immediately ran to inform my parents but my father was busy with his work and paid no attention to me.Just then, I saw a man coming to the field, and I told him about the fire.He was alarmed for he was the owner of those fields.Soon he and his friends were throwing water on the fire.This went for half an hour before the fire was brought under control.Luckily many of the paddy fields could be saved.The owner thanked me and treated me to some chocolate cakes.

Active listening

Get into the habit of active listening. Listen to as many different people as possible - your friends, your family, your boss, co-workers, customers-anybody who can give you a new thought or perspective to think about. Ideas are almost always born of dynamic blending of thoughts, and the more you listen to what other people have to say, the greater your chances of striking a new idea you might not have thought of on your own.