Wednesday, February 12, 2020

My approach to complete initial version

With no support from my manger and feeble information from my teammates, I was struggling a lot to complete the initial version of the document and to share it with the leadership team for review. With only a few hours left for the completion of the initial version, I have made up my stand and started to consolidate information as much as possible with a defined structure. At one point, it seemed the document had more information than what the client has initially requested, and I ensured all the topics that the leadership team mentioned in the call were addressed in the document. Before document to be shared with the leadership team, I had to review with my manager and as usual, he was suggesting some irrelevant changes that would not make any difference to the document and he was also requesting me to add some new information that was irrelevant to the flow. I had no other option but to implement those suggestions and this time I was acting smart by just copy-pasting the information from the previous document without even changing the content and just adding headline to that information. To know more about what happened next, please feel free to check out “G R Team Sites”