Saturday, July 20, 2019

Completely unexpected happened in Monday call

Monday morning started and I was again working on this irritating opportunity. I was trying to get as much information as possible from the available sources and simultaneously I was also updating the deck based upon the commands shared by the leaders in the earlier call. In meantime, I was also checking with delivery POC who was assigned from offshore to support me on this opportunity, that what are all the updates that required in today’s call and the information that we need to collate based upon the review. However, the offshore delivery POC was too busy and was requesting me to schedule a call later in the afternoon to review the updates and information that might be required from his end. I politely told him that I would schedule a call, but in meantime I will get the necessary information and the slides as much as possible from my end for the today’s call. With all this information clearly passed on to the offshore delivery POC, the exact opposite thing happened. Learn more about what happened on Monday at G R Team sites.