Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Movies I Like

I like action films. I liked the die hard series too but don’t like movies with excessive gore. There’s this movie where people pay to torture people. Hostel is one movie I would not like to watch. The director said he was inspired to make it because he had heard of such a place in South East Asia. But there was too much of torture and gore on screen. It maybe happening in the world but making a movie and that and making it like this was just too much to handle.

About Meditation

Meditation means continuous remembering of the divine knowledge which yields the direct fruit here itself. Such a person gets a fruit in the upper world also. The only one Lord is the authority here and there also. Anybody blessed here will be blessed there also. If one is not blessed here he is not blessed in the upper world also. The grace of the Lord or the anger of the Lord is uniform here and there. One who is not blessed here cannot be blessed there. Thus the true knowledge blesses any person here and there. Meditation is continuous thinking of such knowledge and other interpretations are either useless or of little use.

A Beach Journey

The day was boring as usual with no sort of entertainment.Then I decided to spend some time in beach.I called my neighbor, who idle sitting in home.I asked him to accompany me to the beach.We boarded the bus at 3 in the afternoon.It was a horrible experience as it took nearly 2 hours to reach the spot.My neighbor was very much excited as it was the second time he came to the beach.I brought him ice cream and spent some time playing with water.I was almost 6 in the evening we once again boarded the bus back to home.As usual the bus travel was horrible with evening traffic jam adding fuel to fire.I reached home at 9 o clock in the night.I felt very much tired and I dosed away.

My Spirtual View

Well, my view on it is what I've learned over the years of practicing both...basically in a nutshell spirituality can only be practiced or believed in as a concept if a person believes that there is in fact a spirit in him or in others. Otherwise it beats the purpose of its name.

On the other hand, religion is the organised and guided manner to practice spirituality. No religion can exist unless it acknowledges as its basic tenet that man is a spiritual being. Unfortunately, modern perceptions have led to people confusing the two with each other, and now (I'm generalising here) people tend to believe that a religious person is a spiritual person and vice versa. While the first is possible even though he doesn't have to be a practicing religious, (because his basic belief in religion stems from his belief that he is a spirit-based being), the second doesn't have to be possible because he can believe in a spirit-realm and his own spiritual existence, but doesn't want to get involved in organised worship or acknowledgement.