Monday, September 10, 2018

13. Confusion between iPhone and Android

I own an iPhone 6 and been using it for more than 3+ years, I cannot commit entirely that I have been satisfied with device nor dissatisfied with the device. My phone was eligible for battery replacement and got replaced under Apple’s battery replacement program. Post battery replacement, I didn’t have enough reasons to buy upgraded smartphone, as only issue I had with my phone was the battery and it works like a charm now. However, the most important and complicated issue is all about performance of old phones. I think I can compromise on the performance of the phone as it hardly makes a difference of only about few seconds and again I can wait for few seconds to open the application, rather than spending few thousand on new phone and paying up the EMI’s. At times, I was really been intrigued by my friends and colleagues about affordable Android phones performing lot better. But the only issue I have is all about those affordable android phones was the reliability and longevity. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

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