Thursday, September 8, 2022

Continued to use my fault AirPods Pro for few reasons

I bought my AirPods Pro during the initial months of launch and Apple has come out with new announcement that due to manufacturing defect, the product manufactured before Oct’20 would be replaced for FREE. Post this announcement, I had suspicious about my AirPods Pro manufacturing defect, but continued to use the product for more than a year for my own reason as detailed below

  • COVID Outbreak and transport restrictions: After suspecting that my AirPods Pro has manufacturing defect, I wanted to check the product at Apple store for the same and get FREE replacement. However, when I was about to go the Apple store there was COVID restriction at my location and the stores were completely closed, I had no other option but to postpone my plan.
  • Usage scratches & dents in the AirPods Pro stem and case: As I was delaying my visit to the Apple store due to COVID restrictions, there was another notable concern of scratches on the AirPods Pro stem and on the case. I was skeptical about the scratches and dent on the product and was worried whether the claim would be rejected due to product damage while usage.

The above factors delayed my visit to the Apple store, and I continued to use my AirPods pro with the manufacturing defect for more than a year. However, finally I was successful on getting my replacement AirPods pro due to manufacturing defect and to know more about my replacement process, please feel free to check out the articles published in “G R Team Sites”

Friday, August 5, 2022

My 2012 MacBook Pro started to create issues after long time

I have been using 2012 MacBook pro for a long time and I always prefer MacBook devices for their reliability and long-term usability. However, out of no-where I experienced following symptoms in my MacBook pro and was grateful that it was working still now.
  • Random shutdown and SMC reset: One fine day, while I was working on my personal project out of nowhere, my MacBook pro shutdown all by itself and it didn’t restart as it usually does in my earlier times when I stress out the RAM with multiple projects. This random shutdown was suspicious, the luck was in my favor, as my MacBook was able to boot again, and I didn’t want to take a chance and performed SMC reset. So, the issue was resolved for the time being and continued my personal project work.
  • Power Failure and Cable Change: After SMC reset, my 2012 MacBook pro was working fine for past few weeks and out of nowhere the laptop got shutdown again. But this time laptop was not booting as well, and I was completely scared. After few minutes, I noticed that there was no light in the power cable and diagnosed that the power cable had issues and time has come for replacement. After power cable replacement, the laptop was working fine, and it was not the end.

My MacBook pro has started to show signs of wear out and the problem had increased by each week. To know more about how my MacBook pro was failing, please feel free to check out “G R Team Sites”