Thursday, April 30, 2015

Stranger in Home

We had just shifted to our new house.I was a stranger to a few things.Among them,one was the geyser in the bathroom.My father had told me how to operate the geyser.I would have to open the tap first and then switch on the geyser.And while switching it off,it had to be geyser first,and then the tap.I had to have my bath the next day as usual earl in the morning,still sleepy eyed,I switched on the geyser and waited for hot water.After a while.I noticed smoke coming out of the geyser.I shouted for help.My father came running and switched off the geyser.Since I was very young at that age, I was terrified when I saw the smoke.I knew something was wrong thankfully my father managed to pull me out of the bathroom in time.

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