Thursday, April 30, 2015

Foolishness to send signals to universe

Chromosomes and genes are the basic constituents of living body. We know that genes are basically amino acids. They have self dividing capability. These are the primitive forms of life. For their existence, some factors are essential. These factors are water, air and light. Temperature is also an essential factor. The first life originated from these factors. In the primitive earth, there existed all the favorable factors essential for the origin of life. But high temperature made the life impossible. (New indentations make some contradictions to my concept)Gradually, the earth cooled down and the temperature decreased. It believes that, these phenomena first took place in Pluto, which lies far away from the sun. So, the first planet (?) which showed the favorable conditions for the life may be Pluto. As time passed, the temperature fell down. Then the possibility of existing life was in Neptune, the next planet.

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