Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to Use a Paper Cutter

Using a paper cutter is easy, but it can be intimidating at first, especially if you've never used one before. Both guillotine cutters and rotary trimmers are used in much the same way. Just follow these steps:
  • Place your paper on the cutter's base. Use the alignment grid and/or rulers to properly position your paper.
  • If you're using a guillotine cutter, slowly bring the blade down to cut the paper. When you are done, recycle your scraps and use the blade latch to secure the blade.
  • If you're using a rotary trimmer, slide the blade carriage up and down to complete your cut. You don't need to latch the blade when you're done.
  • Whether you're using a guillotine cutter or a rotary trimmer, remember to be careful and don't rush through your project. These cutting tools can be very dangerous if they're used incorrectly.
  • If you want to actually see how to use a paper cutter, be sure to check out the embedded video.
As you can see, using a paper cutter is easy. The key thing to remember is to always be careful and take things slowly so you don't end up cutting yourself. Good luck!

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