Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Choosing The Best Options for Care

Guest Blog By: Jess P.

The first thing people do when they get sick or injured is think about going to the emergency department in their town or city, but this is not always the best idea. Why? For the simple reason that everybody else is thinking the same thing, and what does this translate into? It means that for every small bump, bruise or scrape, it is off to emergency room to get treatment; a place that is already overflowing with people who are nervous, irritated and tired of waiting.

An emergency department is often crowded with people with colds and other airborne illnesses - not the place to be when only all that is needed is to be assessed and treated by a family physician.

There needs to be something else that people can go to in any city when requiring medical treatment, and there is. Have a look at St Louis urgent care clinics here are just the solution. People here can get prompt medical treatment 24 hours a day should they not be able to see a doctor or not even have their own family physician. Instead of the hours waiting in the emergency department of a hospital, doctors will see patients within minutes at these clinics. The physicians are all board-certified and are professional as well as experienced in their ability to care for any sickness or illness. They are qualified to provide x-rays, give vaccinations and even do physicals on-site.

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