Friday, September 9, 2011

5 Highest Paid Health Informatics Careers

The Health Informatics profession is not new to the health care industry. It is not heard about much but you are probably aware of its existence. Health Informatics is the joining of health care and technology with the purpose of finding solutions to problems in the medical field. The intention is to make information gathered available to the people who can interpret it. Sometimes this means billing systems, or observations and plans for patient care, or tracking of diseases for the betterment of public health.

Health Informatics is a title that encompasses many specialties for a wide range of careers. We have put together a list of the highest paid careers you can find in Health Informatics. The median salary range for a Health Informatics career is $30,000 to $50,000. Some of these careers can go well above that depending on your specialty.

5 Highest Paid Health Informatics Careers

1. Health Informatics Project Manager- In this position you would be the person who would oversee the team of Health Informatics Specialists on a project. You would be responsible for the outcome of the project and keeping everyone organized and on track so you can complete the project. As with any management position problem solving skills are essential.

2. Health Informatics Project Design- The responsibilities for this position are to meet with clients and design a system that would meet their needs. You would have to follow the project through and trouble shoot when the need arises. You would be and integral part of the team to make sure the flow of the project is kept as smooth as possible.

3. Health Informatics Researcher/Research Assistant- These are the “scientists” in the Health Informatics profession. These teams would work together to find new and innovative ways to use technology to benefit the health care industry.

4. Health Informatics Systems Analyst- As the job title says they are analyzers. The primary purpose in this position is to improve existing systems to make them more efficient. The systems analyst could potentially work with the researchers to develop new technology to improve the existing system. Together they could find the most cost effective way to improve the system.

5. Health Informatics Professor- People from the informatics field are needed to educate the up and coming generations of Health Informatics professionals. Ideal candidates would have a good amount of experience in the profession and the ability to communicate the needs of the industry. There are so many specialized informatics careers that educators are needed in all areas of the health industry.

Health Informatics has such a vast amount of specialties. If you work to the top of your specialty you could earn as much as $100,000!

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