Friday, February 3, 2023

Lack of Lock and Unlock Folder Option in MAC OS

Lack of Lock and Unlock Folder Option in MAC OS
Despite many unique benefits in latest software update, Mac OS has a notable limitation in terms of its file management capabilities. Specifically, Mac OS does not have built-in option to lock and unlock folders, making it challenging for users to protect their sensitive data from unauthorized or accidental access. In this article, we'll explore the absence of this most sought-after feature in Mac OS and the potential impact of its unavailability.

Importance of Locking and Unlocking Folders
Locking and unlocking folders is a basic file management feature that allows users to protect their sensitive data. By locking a folder, users can restrict access with password or Touch ID authentication to the contents of the folder, preventing unauthorized access to their private information or sensitive files.

Mac OS does not have a built-in option to lock and unlock folders either through password or touch-ID, making it challenging for users to protect their sensitive data. This limitation is especially concerning for users who need to keep their confidential information or files, such as business owners, lawyers, and financial professionals. Additionally, Mac OS does not provide an easy and convenient way to password-protect folders, making it difficult for users to ensure the security of their sensitive data.

My final thoughts
In conclusion, the absence of a built-in option to lock and unlock folders in Mac OS is a notable limitation for users who need to protect their sensitive data. Although alternative solutions are available, such as third-party software or encrypted disk images, the lack of a built-in solution makes it challenging for users to ensure the security of their sensitive data in MAC laptops or desktops. As technology continues to advance, Apple should consider incorporating this most sought-after built-in option to lock and unlock folders in the future Mac OS software updates. The increasing demand for data security and the growing need for a convenient and easy-to-use solution for folder locking and unlocking may push Apple to address this issue in future. Read more such articles from “G R Team Sites”

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Elon Musk or Tesla would foray into IT services for business and consumers

Tesla would foray into IT services

In recent times, the foray of Elon Musk into social media through Twitter acquisition has opened many doors for Tesla as a company and for Elon Musk for new business opportunities. By stepping into social media platform, Elon Musk would be forced into look out for further opportunities to make inroads on other sectors and following business opportunities might be few of those

  • Information Technology (IT) Software solutions for businesses: Amazon has grown bigger by stepping into AWS cloud solutions and offering cloud services to businesses. Similarly, Elon Musk or Tesla would step into offering IT software solutions for businesses and further monetize the solutions by offering it at never-imagines low-cost model.
  • Technology solutions for consumers: The other option that Elon Musk or Tesla would foray will be the IT software or Technology solutions for direct-to-consumer market and the services would help them to monetize further with their success of Tesla Car models & affordable charging option.
Even-though the above suggestions might not happen immediately, as the consolidation of IT businesses happens in the North American market, Elon Musk or Tesla would be forced to foray into offering Technology or IT software solutions for businesses and consumer market. To read more such articles or predictions, please feel free to check out the articles published in “G R Team Sites”

Friday, October 7, 2022

Why waiting for M2 Pro is not worth it

Why waiting for M2 Pro is not worth it
Apple could either have an October event in 2022 or could just have press release about the latest product or software launches, as most considerable announcements are covered in September event and the latest launch could only be minor. However, for most performance-oriented users, the M2 Pro would be their most awaited launch and the probability of its launch is much higher now than ever. For me, the M2 Pro launch would not be as significant as the M1 Pro version and may have following implications.
  • M2 Pro performance increase would be negligible: With the launch of M2 version as a successor to M1 version, Apple has made it clear that there would not be considerable increase in performance or new features in every version of the Chipset launch and they would slow down their innovations in future releases. In such decisions, the M2 Pro performance would not be as considerable as M1 Pro and other than slight configuration tweaks, there would not be much drastic improvements.
  • Same design and no major unique features: The M1 Pro version were already packed up with lot of new features like Pro-motion display and advanced SSD/Media engine configurations. So, the newer M2 Pro version might not have any drastic configuration updates or hardware changes over the earlier M1 Pro version, as the change in design or new feature might have been tipped in their latest MacOS software launch.

Hope the above predictions are helpful for people who were waiting for the launch of M2 Pro version and looking to buy latest version of M1 pro with exciting deals & offers. For more such articles or latest information, please feel free to check out the “G R Team Sites”

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Continued to use my fault AirPods Pro for few reasons

Continued to use my fault AirPods Pro

I bought my AirPods Pro during the initial months of launch and Apple has come out with new announcement that due to manufacturing defect, the product manufactured before Oct’20 would be replaced for FREE. Post this announcement, I had suspicious about my AirPods Pro manufacturing defect, but continued to use the product for more than a year for my own reason as detailed below

  • COVID Outbreak and transport restrictions: After suspecting that my AirPods Pro has manufacturing defect, I wanted to check the product at Apple store for the same and get FREE replacement. However, when I was about to go the Apple store there was COVID restriction at my location and the stores were completely closed, I had no other option but to postpone my plan.
  • Usage scratches & dents in the AirPods Pro stem and case: As I was delaying my visit to the Apple store due to COVID restrictions, there was another notable concern of scratches on the AirPods Pro stem and on the case. I was skeptical about the scratches and dent on the product and was worried whether the claim would be rejected due to product damage while usage.

The above factors delayed my visit to the Apple store, and I continued to use my AirPods pro with the manufacturing defect for more than a year. However, finally I was successful on getting my replacement AirPods pro due to manufacturing defect and to know more about my replacement process, please feel free to check out the articles published in “G R Team Sites”

Friday, August 5, 2022

My 2012 MacBook Pro started to create issues after long time

My 2012 MacBook Pro issues
I have been using 2012 MacBook pro for a long time and I always prefer MacBook devices for their reliability and long-term usability. However, out of no-where I experienced following symptoms in my MacBook pro and was grateful that it was working still now.
  • Random shutdown and SMC reset: One fine day, while I was working on my personal project out of nowhere, my MacBook pro shutdown all by itself and it didn’t restart as it usually does in my earlier times when I stress out the RAM with multiple projects. This random shutdown was suspicious, the luck was in my favor, as my MacBook was able to boot again, and I didn’t want to take a chance and performed SMC reset. So, the issue was resolved for the time being and continued my personal project work.
  • Power Failure and Cable Change: After SMC reset, my 2012 MacBook pro was working fine for past few weeks and out of nowhere the laptop got shutdown again. But this time laptop was not booting as well, and I was completely scared. After few minutes, I noticed that there was no light in the power cable and diagnosed that the power cable had issues and time has come for replacement. After power cable replacement, the laptop was working fine, and it was not the end.

My MacBook pro has started to show signs of wear out and the problem had increased by each week. To know more about how my MacBook pro was failing, please feel free to check out “G R Team Sites”

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Storage partition & limit option availability in OneDrive

Storage partition & limit option availability in OneDrive

OneDrive have become my preferred online cloud storage option and I have started to upload all my important work files to OneDrive. It has been few months since I have started to use OneDrive as my preferred cloud storage option and started to use work files directly from OneDrive folder integration into MAC operating system. However, there are few constraints that I have encountered while I was using OneDrive and following are my concerns. 
  • Limit storage in each folder: Since OneDrive provides vast storage option of 1TB for each user in the family, it has become difficult to keep a check on storage that is being used by each folder and should include option to limit storage to certain levels for specific folder, so that the folder can be cleaned up from unwanted files or remove unnecessary backups.
  • Storage Partition between system files and Photo’s backup: OneDrive has been primary backup solution for all my needs, including important work files and to back-up all my photos taken on my iPhone. However, there is no option to partition the folder structure within OneDrive to separate the files that is being uploaded into work files and exclude the personal photos getting merged into work file history. 
Microsoft should enable few options or features for the users to have their files better organized into OneDrive and for more such suggestions, feel free to check out the articles published in “G R Team Sites”