Tuesday, September 28, 2021

iCloud issues: Lack of always on this device option in iCloud

Apple has numerous iCloud features and lot of exclusive in-built option in MacOS, however there was one of the most annoying option for its users. Let me detail the constraints for users using iCloud in Mac operating system
  • Files getting removed frequently: While storing the files in iCloud, the files are removed randomly and occasionally without no reason. Later, I figured that the files are removed from iCloud folders to save some storage and no matter how much space available in the hard disk, the files are removed from iCloud folders. 
  • Lack of option available to make files available offline: iCloud or Mac Operating system does not have option to enable file available in offline mode and at times, the important files get deleted. There should have been preference option to enable the iCloud files to be available always in the Mac computer and not be deleted for saving storage. 
Hope Apple brings up new update or enhancements to the iCloud preference to make all file available offline and not to be deleted to save storage. For more such articles, please feel free to check out the "G R Team Sites"

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Monday, August 9, 2021

Most annoying Spam mails and new features suggestions for Gmail

Recent times for most people across globe, the most annoying part of checking their mails is the spam mails pumped by most unsecured servers and by automated bots. The most concerning part is that the mail service providers have not enforced few restrictions to block spam mails from specific domains and following are my views on introducing new features by mail service providers like Gmail. 
  • Option to block all mails from specific domain address: Usually we get repeated mails from specific domain address and only the prefix name changes. Gmail can provide an option for users to block mails from specific domains and all future mails with the repeated content. 
  • Option to report domain names and block further mails: Gmail provides basic option to report phishing or spam mails, however those mails are just moved to Junk folder and again new mail is received from same domain name. There should have been option report the domain names as well and post reporting the mail, the domain should be blocked from sending any further mails to mail address. 
Hope Google makes note of above feature requests and introduces these features to all mail users, so they can have hassle free mail experience with limited or no spam mails. For more such articles or information from me, please feel free to check out the articles published in G R Team Sites.

Friday, July 2, 2021

Pointers to be considered while buying Treadmill 

As stated in the earlier articles, I have been planning to get treadmill for a long time and finalized to get treadmill through online shopping option. However, the most treadmill products available in online shopping mode was lacking one feature or the other. So, I will further detail about the initial assessment of treadmill and how it evolved. 
  • Affordability: My initial filtering of treadmill was with its price and availability. At first, the treadmill starting prices seems to be affordable and was pretending to be within the reach. However, only while digging in furthermore understood that as prices of treadmill goes up the availability of features and the quality of the product increases exponentially. 
  • Quality of treadmill: after assessing the initial price list of treadmill, I understood that the quality of the product matters the most and it ensures that the product has longer shelf life with minimal issues. After knowing about the quality of the treadmill, further digging in revealed that with addition of quality comes the new and advanced inbuilt features. The feature list of the treadmill is one of the most intriguing factors while buying and often it causes to drag budget further. 
The finalization of treadmill does not stop with the above factors and continued to drag on further as I progressed. To know further about the deciding factors while buying treadmill, please feel free to check out the articles published in G R Team Sites.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

How apple can transform their Smart watch market

I always have preference for smart watch wearables and feel Apple Watch was ahead of competition and has one of the most trusted health tracking features. However, the most disappointing fact about Apple smart watch is its price and affordability. Apple has always maintained its exclusivity and often offer its new features or innovations at premium price; however, Apple can break this tradition and can reach most people by following options. 
  • Apple smart band device: Apple can launch smart bands with only basic health tracking features like heart rate monitoring and steps counter. By limiting the features and tracking options, Apple can keep the device within affordable price range and can help reach more people about having smart wearables. 
  • Alternative smart wearable solution for non-Apple devices: As Apple Watch wearable has one of the most sought-after features, its exclusivity with only iOS device is a real bummer for most users. As for people like me, I use iOS devices and have Apple ecosystem access, however when I wanted to use Apple Watch to track health condition of my elderly parents it was a real showstopper. As my parents are comfortable using android phones and are hesitant to switch over iOS devices. 
For more such posts please feel free to check out the blog posts published in G R Team Sites.

Monday, May 17, 2021

Disappointments from Apple’s recent April Event

Apple event on 20th April had mixed feelings for me, as I was expecting few out of the box announcements from Apple and they would surprise everyone with their trademark “one last thing”. However, there was no such announcements from Apple and the event seemed as predicted from tech experts. Here are few out of the box expectations from me. 
  • Upcoming redesigned Apple Watch: Apple Watch design has been consistent since launch and there was no major redesign or update on design. I was expecting Apple to show a glimpse of next generation Apple Watch with exclusive features and tempting redesign. 
  • Upcoming AirPods 3: the redesigned AirPods have been in rumours for a long time and the leak sites were going a step ahead, by showing glimpses of next version of AirPods. However, for no reason Apple had not made any comment on the same and the most worrying part is that, if at all Apple is going to launch next version of AirPods, there was a huge confusion. Whether the newer version is going to be replacement of AirPods 2 or more advanced version of AirPods Pro. 
With no announcements or updates on above products, we can only hope that Apple addresses or launches next version of the product by September. To know more about such posts, please feel free to check out the blog posts listed on G R Team Sites.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Frustrated with announcement from Google Photos  

With Google announcing that all photos uploaded to the photo's app post June, will be accumulated against overall account storage, I have been actively looking out for alternative online cloud storage choice with reliability and affordable pricing plan. Finally, I have zeroed on to Microsoft’s OneDrive as my preferred storage choice and while about to pay for the subscription, I noticed a real bummer against OneDrive. Recently, OneDrive app have decided to stop support for the chrome-cast and now users will not be able to share their photos or videos to big TV through Chrome-cast. It was real shocker to me as I have decided OneDrive as my preferred online storage option to backup all my photos and videos, now I come across the news that the OneDrive app has stopped support for chrome-cast. This news was real shocker, as my priority for choice of OneDrive as my preferred online cloud storage was based on assumption that, it had built-in support for chrome-cast. To know more about my choice for preferred online cloud storage for backing up photos, please feel free to check out blog posts in “G R Team Sites”