Saturday, July 20, 2019

Completely unexpected happened in Monday call

Monday morning started and I was again working on this irritating opportunity. I was trying to get as much information as possible from the available sources and simultaneously I was also updating the deck based upon the commands shared by the leaders in the earlier call. In meantime, I was also checking with delivery POC who was assigned from offshore to support me on this opportunity, that what are all the updates that required in today’s call and the information that we need to collate based upon the review. However, the offshore delivery POC was too busy and was requesting me to schedule a call later in the afternoon to review the updates and information that might be required from his end. I politely told him that I would schedule a call, but in meantime I will get the necessary information and the slides as much as possible from my end for the today’s call. With all this information clearly passed on to the offshore delivery POC, the exact opposite thing happened. Learn more about what happened on Monday at G R Team sites.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Discussion and things happening while rating finalization

I was getting even more anxious about my rating, as my teammate who reports to the other manager got his rating and the ratings for entire team was finalized. While I was waiting anxiously for my rating colleague who sits next to my seat also confirmed that rating have been shared to them by their team manager. There was discussion happening around the office that the rating for all employees would be shared earliest by 2 or 3 days. I was anxious about my rating and was looking forward for my rating and comments from my manager. Since, I was given first rating for the previous year and got information that my colleagues from other location was not happy about it and wanted to give first rating to another colleague. However, most of my teammates knew that I was working hard on my deliverables and always exceeded expectations from key owners, and I was also sure that I would not be awarded third rating. Read about my rating in the posts detailed in “G R Team Sites”

Sunday, March 17, 2019

How should I decide about writing these posts?

It’s been long time since I was writing posts for my sites and know very few of my readers would feel disappointed about the continuation or frequent post updates. However, I would like to clarify few things from end as well and how difficult it is for me to write these posts with all my busy work schedule, personal work and family commitments. I will start with family, as it is my first priority and it is like adrenalin to me. I have a very young family with a kid ageing a year and I got married one and half years back. Family stays in native and every week or once in two weeks I would be travelling back to native to spend some quality time. Second constraint while writing these posts is that, I work for an IT giant and most of my weekdays would be completely occupied and would literally have no time to check even the sites. The final constraint is that I run small business at my native and most of leisure time in weekdays will be consumed in that business. I will elaborate more about my constraints for writing posts in one of the upcoming posts. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

Sunday, December 9, 2018

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Appreciation from my manager

Continuation to my pervious post about getting appreciation from the delivery expert with whom I was working on weekends, I was happy about the fact that he has dropped appreciation note to me with my manager and his onsite counterpart. However, till end of the day my manager didn’t even acknowledge my appreciation note and usually for other teammates he drops note to the entire team about the appreciation being received by the team member and note being described by the delivery expert. For my case he didn’t even acknowledge the fact that not only offshore delivery manager appreciated my effort, even onsite delivery manager acknowledged my work and dropped appreciation note to me. But to my surprise at end of the day, my manager replied to both onsite and offshore delivery manager stating “Thanks" about recognizing my work and was happy I was able meet their requirements. In addition to the note to the offshore and onsite managers, my manager even looped in business unit head to the mail and his super manager to the mail thread. This mail was a huge surprise because looping in business unit head happens only once in a while and it happened to me after very long time and he had also forwarded the mail to my entire team about my appreciation. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”.