Sunday, October 14, 2018

Appreciation from my manager

Continuation to my pervious post about getting appreciation from the delivery expert with whom I was working on weekends, I was happy about the fact that he has dropped appreciation note to me with my manager and his onsite counterpart. However, till end of the day my manager didn’t even acknowledge my appreciation note and usually for other teammates he drops note to the entire team about the appreciation being received by the team member and note being described by the delivery expert. For my case he didn’t even acknowledge the fact that not only offshore delivery manager appreciated my effort, even onsite delivery manager acknowledged my work and dropped appreciation note to me. But to my surprise at end of the day, my manager replied to both onsite and offshore delivery manager stating “Thanks" about recognizing my work and was happy I was able meet their requirements. In addition to the note to the offshore and onsite managers, my manager even looped in business unit head to the mail and his super manager to the mail thread. This mail was a huge surprise because looping in business unit head happens only once in a while and it happened to me after very long time and he had also forwarded the mail to my entire team about my appreciation. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”.

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