Sunday, January 5, 2020

Most irritating act from delivery person

After politely declining to send a deck with draft outline and slides by EOD, I closed the conversation and was taking care of other activities pending at my end. However, after close of the day, I got a call from my manager and he was requesting whether I can support the service request over the weekend and it has urgent deliverable to be reviewed by the leadership team. I was completely surprised by the request, because before few hours I was clearly detailing out the reasons to the delivery person not to publish any version, as it would draw too many comments and would divert from client requirements. However, he had called my manager and was requesting his attention for my support over weekend. I was completely furious with these silly outcomes and was conveying to my manager that, I have some personal work to attend and would try to address the request whenever I get some time. He was expecting me to support for the entire weekend, which would be next to impossible for me and I don’t want to waste my time by publishing an unwanted version to leadership team. To know more, please check out posts at “G R Team Sites”

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Review with my manager for the deck

In addition, my manager told that he got comment from the offshore delivery lead that the slide deck which I prepared was not coming out, what was actually expect from my team and my manager was suggested to review my work every time when I send out the slides. This was complete slap on my face, and I couldn’t take care of the slides anymore and wanted to know which delivery lead was commenting about the deck. My manager was resistant to reveal which delivery lead gave the comment about my deck, and later on I found out that it was the same delivery lead with whom I was working earlier on irritating opportunity with team full of idiots. I conveyed to my manager that the deck was prepared based upon the call with the offshore delivery person, who was assigned to support me on this opportunity and the topics suggested by him. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Completely unexpected happened in Monday call

Monday morning started and I was again working on this irritating opportunity. I was trying to get as much information as possible from the available sources and simultaneously I was also updating the deck based upon the commands shared by the leaders in the earlier call. In meantime, I was also checking with delivery POC who was assigned from offshore to support me on this opportunity, that what are all the updates that required in today’s call and the information that we need to collate based upon the review. However, the offshore delivery POC was too busy and was requesting me to schedule a call later in the afternoon to review the updates and information that might be required from his end. I politely told him that I would schedule a call, but in meantime I will get the necessary information and the slides as much as possible from my end for the today’s call. With all this information clearly passed on to the offshore delivery POC, the exact opposite thing happened. Learn more about what happened on Monday at G R Team sites.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Discussion and things happening while rating finalization

I was getting even more anxious about my rating, as my teammate who reports to the other manager got his rating and the ratings for entire team was finalized. While I was waiting anxiously for my rating colleague who sits next to my seat also confirmed that rating have been shared to them by their team manager. There was discussion happening around the office that the rating for all employees would be shared earliest by 2 or 3 days. I was anxious about my rating and was looking forward for my rating and comments from my manager. Since, I was given first rating for the previous year and got information that my colleagues from other location was not happy about it and wanted to give first rating to another colleague. However, most of my teammates knew that I was working hard on my deliverables and always exceeded expectations from key owners, and I was also sure that I would not be awarded third rating. Read about my rating in the posts detailed in “G R Team Sites”