Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Top Four Shoes to Take on Vacation

The proper footwear for your next vacation requires some thought. After all, you just can’t bring the shoes you wear to the office or at home. A vacation is a chance for a fresh perspective, a new place with a new outlook. That new point of view starts from the ground up with the shoes you wear. So, think about where are you going and what you need to pack for footwear. Here are the top four favorites for vacationers.

Get on Board with Boat Shoes

Going on a cruise or a fishing excursion requires a shoe customized to being on deck. Select a pair of boat shoes from Sperry Top Siders to prepare for your water-bound adventure. A boat shoe is usually made with genuine leather for durability and often includes a 360-degree lacing system to provide a secure footing for the dramatic pitch of water vessels. The soles are designed to provide extra traction in both dry and wet conditions.

A Sneaker for Casual Excursions

A trip to a beachside bungalow or an urban setting rich with nightlife requires casual comfort. Rather than pack your rundown sneaks that you wear to the gym, go with something new and classic. Show off your style while exploring a local village or dancing it up at a tiki torch illuminated outdoor nightclub with a new pair of sneakers.

The Off the Grid Adventure

If down and dirty is your vacation of choice, then be sure to pack the proper boots for the occasion. A hiking trip or mountain climbing tour means rugged, durable and comfortable boots should be in your bag. Make sure they are water resistant so you can trek through mud thick jungle passes with dry soles. For boots built for rock-climbing select a pair with thick soles and hand-sewn leather uppers to protect feet in tough conditions.

Beach Life Basics

A trip to a beachfront resort means casual sandals. You want a wide, thick sole to keep sand off your feet and a strong, woven strap to keep the sandal secure to your foot for all those beach volleyball games.

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