Friday, May 15, 2015

Have Positive Attitude

Life gives you only what you want and the reason for all that you are going through in life are purely because you are attracted to it. I say this out of my own experience that whatever I wished for came to me as a gift from nature. This happened because I was attracted to it. At the same time I would say that all the bad things that have happened to me is again because I was attracted to it. Whenever you want to get something you should always think about the positive side of attaining it. Only then you get attracted to the positive side of it and nature gifts it to you. At the same time if you think negatively about something, you tend to get attracted to the negative side of what you want which is what ultimately you get back and things go the wrong way. For instance if you wish to get an apple nature guides you through all ways in order to get an apple but if you happen to think that it is difficult for you to get an apple, then you are attracted to not getting an apple more than wishing for one. This way life takes you through all ways which will prevent you from getting one. So remember to always have a positive approach towards life because the key word to attaining all that you wish is ATTRACTION.

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