Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What is the Strangest Secret Really About?

With all the exposure and all the hype about "the strangest secret" by Earl Nightingale nowadays, I thought about taking few moments of informing you about what the secret from the 1950's, where it was first published.

Originally, the concept was about a CD recording of Earl Nightingale that is given to seminar insurance agents in his absence because he was away then for a vacation. This CD went on selling millions of records though it has very little publicity. According to some, this became the personal development industry's foundation.

Anyways, what is the strangest secret really about? Well, the secret is that we become what we think about. The beauty in this secret is in its simplicity. This is like the fewest best words writing style of Ernest Hemingway. If that is what the entire message said, then that would be enough.

It is not Earl NIghtingale who first discovered this concept either. There are already many great thinkers in our past who had made similar discovers about how our own thoughts are affecting our lives. Not only for positive thoughts, this also goes for the negative thoughts as well. You have probably heard of Norman Vincent Peale of the Power of Positive. He had also made a comparable discovery. He had also helped many people to change their habits and thoughts which lead to better lives.

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