Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My experince

Well, I would like to say something from my past experience. I have studied for my graduation in engineering from a technical institute. All the subjects taught were of a technical kind. Even a single paper we had on English, emphasized on technical writing and official document writing. There was no subject at all that would cultivate a finer side of the human mind. Those who did their majors in chemical or mechanical engineering, say, had to take up three to four additional papers. But the only options to choose from were either more complicated master's level subjects of their own specialized stream or some other subject taught at some other specialization courses like IT/Bio tech etc. Despite all these, we had a student community who actively participated in creating literary wall magazines and annual magazines. Maybe none of us had the knowledge about English Literature in details still that did not deter us from putting up small contributions for a little library comprising of classics and contemporary literature. And numerous students avidly read these books. So I believe, by not encouraging literature too, the inherent flow of creativity can never be stopped. Evolution would have to be reversed if we have to become barbarians again. However, people may say that as long as wars are there, we are not that developed than a vicious animal. But, I believe, like the new Nicole Kidman movie, Invasion, war is a proof that human beings have advanced emotional development, since they can differentiate between right and wrong and can fight for their cause.

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