Monday, May 17, 2021

Disappointments from Apple’s recent April Event

Apple event on 20th April had mixed feelings for me, as I was expecting few out of the box announcements from Apple and they would surprise everyone with their trademark “one last thing”. However, there was no such announcements from Apple and the event seemed as predicted from tech experts. Here are few out of the box expectations from me. 
  • Upcoming redesigned Apple Watch: Apple Watch design has been consistent since launch and there was no major redesign or update on design. I was expecting Apple to show a glimpse of next generation Apple Watch with exclusive features and tempting redesign. 
  • Upcoming AirPods 3: the redesigned AirPods have been in rumours for a long time and the leak sites were going a step ahead, by showing glimpses of next version of AirPods. However, for no reason Apple had not made any comment on the same and the most worrying part is that, if at all Apple is going to launch next version of AirPods, there was a huge confusion. Whether the newer version is going to be replacement of AirPods 2 or more advanced version of AirPods Pro. 
With no announcements or updates on above products, we can only hope that Apple addresses or launches next version of the product by September. To know more about such posts, please feel free to check out the blog posts listed on G R Team Sites.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Frustrated with announcement from Google Photos  

With Google announcing that all photos uploaded to the photo's app post June, will be accumulated against overall account storage, I have been actively looking out for alternative online cloud storage choice with reliability and affordable pricing plan. Finally, I have zeroed on to Microsoft’s OneDrive as my preferred storage choice and while about to pay for the subscription, I noticed a real bummer against OneDrive. Recently, OneDrive app have decided to stop support for the chrome-cast and now users will not be able to share their photos or videos to big TV through Chrome-cast. It was real shocker to me as I have decided OneDrive as my preferred online storage option to backup all my photos and videos, now I come across the news that the OneDrive app has stopped support for chrome-cast. This news was real shocker, as my priority for choice of OneDrive as my preferred online cloud storage was based on assumption that, it had built-in support for chrome-cast. To know more about my choice for preferred online cloud storage for backing up photos, please feel free to check out blog posts in “G R Team Sites” 

Monday, January 18, 2021

Switching from Android to iPhone 11 mobile

I was using my wife’s android phone for past few months and was waiting for launch of affordable version of iPhone from Apple. However, all my plans shattered due to its abnormal price increase and left our charger back and smaller size. With no options left, I had to look out for attractive discounts for iPhone 11 version and trusting steep discounts for festive season, I bought AirPods Pro for its seamless integration with iPhone. After waiting for a long time in a specified shopping site’s portal, there was not much of a discount and I had to check out other online shopping site for offer. Finally, one shopping site had the most attractive pricing and without hesitation I placed the order for payment. Only on payment page I realized that the attractive pricing is applicable only for specific cards and unfortunately, I did not have that card. Post traumatic experience, I reached out to my uncle for the specific card and placed the order for iPhone 11. The experience of shifting to iPhone was another level and to know more please feel free to check out the “G R Team Sites”

Friday, December 11, 2020

Information to get best shapewear products

In recent times, due to COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions most women across the states have weight loss and obesity concerns. You may have known of different options available in market for weight loss and to make your body shape attractive. However, most of those options are either too expensive or might require lot of your effort and time for perfection. The easier and smarter solution for most women in the country would be to check out reliable trainer suit and best shapewear for women available in market.

Black Solid Color Neoprene Shorts High Waist Slim Waist

There may be wide range of online shopping sites out there in the web promising users to find shapewear and trainer products. However most online shopping networks out there in the market lack quality of the products, expensive price tag and unique collection. So, it is important to get insights and information from experts. The smart option, we recommend for our readers is to check out reliable wholesale online shopping network for quality products. Lover-Beauty is one of the stand-alone online shopping networks in the market helping users to find quality and reliable shapewear products. The most unique aspect of the Lover-Beauty online shopping network is their large collection of products at wholesale price, which no other competitor in its class could offer.
Red Patchwork Neoprene Embossed Waist Belt High-Compression (Waist Trainer Only)

Lover-Beauty online shopping network offers a wide range lingerie collection and shapewear products at unbelievable wholesale price than any other online shopping networks. The high-compression Rainbow Reflective Latex Waist Trainer Calories Burning suit from Lover-Beauty online site, gives you stunning hourglass curves the moment you put it on. If you were ever looking to find best place to get waist trainer wholesale from reliable online shopping network, then Lover-Beauty is the place you need to check out. For more information and wide collection of shapewear or trainer suits available at, please feel free to check out the above-mentioned link.
Rainbow Reflective Latex Waist Trainer Calories Burning

Monday, November 23, 2020

Looped again with the same irritating onsite team

I was without work for a long time due to system issues and lockdown restrictions, finally, the issue was resolved, and I was back into my team for work. For the first few days, no new work was assigned to me and my manager was still on the assumption that my laptop still had issues. After some time, I felt low without any work and simply browsing internet videos and finally dropped a note to my manager saying that my laptop issues were resolved, and I can be assigned with new work. I did not know that I will be assigned to work again with the same irritating onsite team lead and complicated offshore delivery lead. Based on the assignment sheet shared by my manager, the work was more complicated than I expected and the first draft to be shared in a week, with the final submission scheduled later by a month. I was completely lost with these notes, as I must work now with these irritating onsite squad that leads for a month and that too while connecting from home. To know more about how I worked on this opportunity and successful completion of work without any escalations, please feel free to check out the blog posts in "G R Team Sites"

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Information about Dorin Compressors

If you are in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning, then you should be aware of how quality compressors will ensure smooth and seamless business operations. You may have known of different compressor manufacturing companies out there in the market. However, most compressor manufacturers lack reliability, customer support, and quality of products delivered to customers. So, make sure that you check out reliable compressors for your refrigeration and air conditioning systems from trusted and quality manufacturers like Dorin. Dorin is one of the pioneers in manufacturing compressor products for refrigeration and air conditioning systems since 1932. 

Dorin adopts a unique production process that includes all products that are individually checked and certified by experts backed up by their R&D and QC center. Dorin offers a complete and diversified collection of compressors for businesses that can be used across applications, from supermarkets to transport up to the agri-food industry and pharmaceutical needs. Dorin manufactured compressors offer excellent energy savings and meet efficiency standards that no other competitor manufacturer in its class could offer. Besides, Dorin also offers 360° assistance for its products with its top qualified personnel, expertise in the field of engineering, finance, and marketing. If you were ever looking for a reliable, quality, and trusted compressor manufacturer with excellent customer support, then Dorin manufactured products would be the smart option. For more information on their diversified compressor product collection, please feel free to check out the above-mentioned link.